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Welcome to Era of Enlightenment [EoE] 

Our Energized Crystals are designed to help you to:

– Open your Heart by enabling you to Step Into your process of awakening

– Deepen- or Speed up your process of Awakening Significantly

In this New Age, we are living in, everyone will be facing the 5 stages proces of Awakening sooner or later. 

The State of Full Awakening means Freedom from Personal Suffering, Clarity of Mind, a Happy Hart, Inner Peace and the ability to Live an Amazing Fulfilling Life. Our EoE energized Crystals support this Awakening proces with ease, joy and glory.

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The EoE-generator fits perfectly in this ‘New Age’ and gets updated automatically every time the Frequency of the earth rises. Just like all our Minerals which are trained on and linked with it.

Free Experience of the EoE Generator   [incl. meditation]

turn on your inner-heart-light
Just by wearing a beautiful Era of Enlightenment pendant or being in the presence of a EoE system your Inner-Heart Light is turned on and the Frequency of your Body’s energetic system rises.
The Awakening energies start connecting your body with the earth and the whole universe, while simultaneously in the chakra’s stored ‘issue’s in the tissue’s’ are cleaned up in all aspects of life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 
You slowly become who and what you really are.
The Higher Self integrates more and more.


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