… WHAT is “being spiritual” actually and WHO determines that?
If you are busy building your career, or living your everyday life, you also have the Divine Spark in your Heart awaiting for awakening … in other words the Potential to solve the EGO, to UN-plug from the mind and start living from the heart … 
As I see it EVERYONE is spiritual,  LIFE it self is spiritual also MONEY is spiritual! 
Everything is energy, thus part of the universe. Everyone makes choises  (to not choose is also a choice!) and creates his life accordingly …
Most of the time we create our life from the calculations of the MIND instead of the HEART. 
From this place, the Sub-conscious or the EGO-mind- lower emotions play the leading role (eg: suffering, victimhood, fear, power- money- games).
So the question is not IF one is spiritual, but from which place people create their life. The extent of choosing Unconsciously the same old patterns deriving from the mind or Consciously by making new choices following the calling of the Heart vary greatly. 
Are you aware of your choices?