EoE Vogel Pendants


Vogel or Phi kristals  

The Energized 2-pointed Amethist and Quartz EoE-VOGEL pendants are living natural beauties from the Himalaya and our so called basics. Cut 24 sided following the VOGEL instructions. 

They are very powerful and good to start with. But this is not mandatory. Choose what makes you Happy. 

Cause of the 2  points the energy-flow entering the body  through the head and the feet is not only very strong bust also creates a powerful vertical vortex through the body to expand from there  in a multidimensional way, connecting our bodies with all awakening-energies of the universe.

To Ground, to Silence the mind and Open the Heart. 

After wearing the EoE pendant for about half a year now, I am very happy with it and I still cleary feel the difference when I wear the pendant or not.  It is by Far more Powerfull than any other energizing products I have felt till now.