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Life Experience

EoE New Age Generator

You are very welcome at one of our EoE-Life-Experience- gatherings in our Living room. 
While sitting 2 hours in the near of the EoE- New Age- Generator, which is 2 x 2m existing out of energized-kristall spheres, I tell about Awakening and this New Time we live in right  NOW. 
In the meanwhile the EoE-Generator gives your body a nice “boost” to Wake up … Here you can feel The Power of Soft. If you wish, you can also try out an EoE-Pendant on this day to see how it feels and what it does with your body’s energetic system.
The next meeting is:
Date: Sunday, 13 October 2019 
Start: 13.00-15.00 hrs
Location: Fazantenkamp 175, 3607 CH Maarssen
Take along: Bottle of water, cushion for your chair, thick socks, scarf / cardigan
Donation: € 20,00 cash

EoE Magic Wednesday’s

Your Body Loves It!

Once a Month it is possible for everyone, to lay down on the 1 of the 2 massage tables, placed directly above the EoE-Generator for this occasion. For about 45 minutes you go on a magical journey, accompanied by special music for a beautiful intense experience along with a strong frequency increase of the body, mind, spirit. 

In turns you lay down above the generator or you meditate next to the generator.
In this blocks of 1,5 hours session there is only place for 4 people to receive the beautiful Healing, Nurturing, Happy Awakening -Energies emanating from the Magnificent Natural Crystals.
Dates Wednesday: 28 August 2019 / 2 October 2019
Time Schedule: 10.30-12.00 hrs / 12.30-14.00 hrs / 14.30 – 16.00 hrs 
Location: Fazantenkamp 175, 3607 CH Maarssen
Take along: Bottle of water, cushion for your chair, thick socks, scarf / cardigan
Donation: € 125,00 cash

2- day Workshop EoE 1

This 2-day workshop is exclusive for people who already own an EoE -Pendant or -System or want to buy one just before the Start of the workshop, and have a desire to experience a significant deepening in their process.During these 2 days, a major cleansing will take place in your body and your energetic system looking for this feeling inside so deep and so wide so open and free
After you have been initiated on EoE -1 energy, you can evoke this beautiful strong and on the same time soft energy at any time, for Me-Time: cleansing, relaxing, enjoying yourself. You can also treat your friends / family to a wonderful session. Even get paid- or integrate these sessions into your practice. 

After this 2-day workshop: 

– You are initiated on EoE 1

– You know that the Awakening-energies flow 24 hours a day 

– You go home freed from old patterns from the past from which you create the present

– All your questions have been answered about Awakening

– You can Speed up and Deepen your Process even more by continuing to give yourself sessions

– You met people with the same interest 

– You can treat your friends / family with a session 

The next workshop is
Date: 22 & 23 February 2020. Only twice a year.
Time: 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Location: Fazantenkamp 175, 3607 CH Maarssen
Donation: NOW for only € 278,00 [normally € 350,00]
This includes Lunch (soup) & Snacks, Tea & Coffee. You can bring your own lunch in case of allergies etc.

2- day Workshop EoE 2

On this workshop we are going to initiate you on EoE 2 energy and this only works and makes sense if you have done a lot of cleansing on yourself with EoE 1. 
Otherwise this much higher Frequency will not be able to do its job and have the effect that we would like.
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites : EoE 1 workshop
For more info send a e-mail

Litsa Live

to boost up the proces of the attendees of your events

Events, gatherings, workshops
Upon invitation, I come by with 1 or more EoE -systems and/or – pendants. People will feel how the Mind quiets down and how their Heart-energy turns ON. If you like, I explain shortly or give the longer version (your choice) about how it works. 
Give your clients / coachees coming to your events this fantastic experience, a super boost in their transformation process.
The EoE- Pendants are also a Beautiful Welcome Gift for your VIPs.
On Spiritual workshops, Ceremonies, Energy Workshops, Meditation events or under a massage table, the EoE-Systems gives a beautiful expansion of consciousness. Wear an EoE Hanger yourself when facilitating people in this areas and feel the real difference. Contact me for the possibilities.