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There Is A Feeling Inside, So Deep And So Wide, 
So Open And Free…..
Our High End Era of Enlightenment -Pendants and -Systems make it possible to undergo a process of awakening in a Safe way, and with Great Ease & Joy. 
Without years of preparation accompanied by intense discomforts like it used to be for thousands of years for yogi’s. For this reason they were withdrawn from ordinary life for many years.

In this ‘New Time’ this Era, the  Era of Enlightenment, awakening is possible in a complete new way. By being fully present in day-to-day life, completely supported by the energies of awakening through your EoE pendant or system. 

EoE crystals works as a catalyst in order to enable you to continue with your worldly life and at the same time being fully immersed with the Higher Consciousness.  The process of Awakening is ignited and continues in an easy and joyous way
Besides that the EoE-products hold all the Awakening-Freqencies. Also they tune-up automatically every time the Frequency of the earth rises. This is possible because they are energized on and linked with the EoE-Generator.


Just by wearing a beautiful Era of Enlightenment pendant or sitting alone or sociably interacting with friends/family in your living room in the vicinity of an Amazing  Era of Enlightenment system, you naturally acces the process of Awakening in a completely Safe and Easy way. Your living room becomes a conscious space for Spiritual growth.

And you actively participate in the Global Revolution of Awareness which is happening right now!  

The Heart opens, the Mind becomes quiet and you Ground. Awakening energies connecting you with the universe start flowing through your body- and chakra- system.

You are in your proces now and a large cleansing in your body has begun. Your body starts to release Stress on all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, You feel lighter, life gets easier, and more Fun.

As your Path of Love & Light Unfolds, your Heart Opens more and more, nurtured by the Awakening- energies which are Continuously Cleansing and burning old patterns which control your life. 

You slowly become who and what you really are. The Higher Self integrates more and more, you are aware of Your Divine You. Also you start to create your life from this place now, being able to make totally new happy choices,  because you no longer look through the eyes of “old patterns” & traumatic experiences (read: ego layers).
And Sooner or later you will experience a sense of unity with everything and everyone …in time followed by a feeling of Bliss for no reason…What else is possible..


The Feedback we frequently get from people about the EoE- Pendants: “If I don’t wear it, I miss it” or  “It feels like a friend which is with me and assisting me all the time.” 
The EoE generator is the core and home of all our EoE products. Each and every EoE crystal and system has been sitting on top of the EoE generator for at least 3 weeks to fully immerge in the energies and basically merge with the generator as to create a permanent link with it. The exact techniques used to accomplish this is difficult to put into words, it is like asking what is spiritual energy or love exactly. The closest explanation we can give is that there is a quantum entanglement where both the EoE products and the EoE generator become one. But as no one really knows what sentience (consciousness) is or life for that matter, talking about how spiritual energy can be experienced (sensed), stored and linked has no use.

For the Process of Awakening only minerals can be used which contain the molecular structure of the Flower of Life. This Flower of Life is the blueprint for ALL creation, and connects ALL life in the universe. 

The same Molecular structure of this Flower of Life is also found in our body cells and our DNA, making us also part of Everything and Everyone in the Universe.
The Pineal Gland also plays A leading role in Awakening, it is a tiny gland, shaped like a pine cone, located in the middle of our head between the 2 brainparts. It contains 3 crystalline balls of 100-300 nm. Calcite and Apatite, also to be found in our bone tissue and Magnetite,  which is an iron-containing crystal with magnetic properties.
The Pineal Gland is our Antenna you can say, our connection with Source, our Higher Self, or the Divine Spark within us, hidden deep down in our Heart, waiting to be awakened to be reconnected with the ALL, This State of Oneness is our natural state of Being.
If you like, I can help you to choose a suitable EoE-Pendant or System. I do this by connecting with your Heart and bypassing the Mind. 
Of course you are free to choose yourself if you want, by seeing  or feeling what  makes you happy. Do you want both, do not hesitate, contact meThis service is Free and I love to get in touch with you!
When you want to fasten or to deepen your process even more we welcome you to one of our events.
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Dearest Edwin and Litsa, 

We are so overwhelmed by the effect of the EoE- systems in our home.
There is so much harmony and energy with us !!
We are so glad to have visit a Life Experience Day!
Because if we hadn’t experienced this,
we probably would never have bought these crystals.
So wonderful to be connected to your generator 🙂
Thanks, thanks, thanks !!
Hannie and Henk