the founders of eoe products
We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution for mankind. The Big Shift in Consciousness is Happening Right Now.  The Frequency of the Earth arises at a quick pace  allowing ut to release large amounts of luggage of the past.  

Until 2012, the Kundalini played the leading role, as the largest Ego Killer. After 2012 so many beautiful Awakening-energies are freed cause of the earth’s increased frequency the Ego is becoming smaller and smaller and the Heart Frequency getting bigger and bigger. 

Our mission is to speed up the entire process of Global Awakening with our EoE products. This products contain all these Awakening-energies and are a massive help for people to deepen, accelerate and make their Awakening-process go with Great Ease. Going from their Head to their Heart.
Besides that the EoE-products hold all the Awakening-Freqencies, they also tune-up automatically every time the Frequency of the earth arises. This is possible because they are energized and linked with the EoE-Generator.
Global Awakening is not a ‘new age thing’. For THOUSANDS of years, there are people all over the world who have dedicated their lives to this goal: THE AWAKENING OF HUMANITY AS A WHOLE.
It works as a snowball effect, the more people the Spark in the Heart awakens and the bigger this Spark becomes, the easier and even more people are also able to awaken this Spark.
The great work has already been done and started thousands of years ago: think of Yogis, Buddhists, the Masters from the Far East, followed up by a diversity of Gurus and organizations that are till this day’s active such as: Osho, mother Amma, David Wagner, Braco, mother Meera , Isha Foundation and Oneness University, Acces Consciousness by Gary Douglas. O’hoponopono and many more that I know and don’t know.
And not to underestimate what “we” ordinary people still do, each in our own way.
So many people have gone through burnouts and other severe emotional stuff in recent years with the result to change the course in their lives, by suddenly Following their Heart. By choosing what really makes them Happy. 
Choosing to live by following what you really want is a Contribution to Everyone on Earth… It is so Simple:
The happier the Heart, the more tolerant one is, the less arguing. This applies not only in small but also in large: the more people live from their hearts the less need for war
There is also an urging need for self-development. Yoga, Silence- retreats, Mindfulness, Intuitive- and Energetic Healing courses are totally in.
Even the people who apparently do NOTHING contribute; some shine naturally and make others feel good. Others touch us in different way’s, so that we can clear up not wanted feelings and emotions that arise. In the end we are all connected. There is a saying that says: By shaking 7 hands you embrace the whole world.
Over the years we have experienced and seen also a difference in the people around us in undergoing our processes. After our Kundalini awakening in Germany, sometime in 2003 or so, it was so, very intense!
I (Litsa) almost fainted a few times when I got up in the morning because I had slept with a pillow. 
This caused a curvature in my neck, with the result that the meredian in my spine was not straight during the night, and therefore the large stream of Kundalini energy could not flow through it completely freely. For more than 10 years I have slept without a pillow since that time so that my neck + head remained in a straight line during my sleep, for a free flow.
After our Kundalini- initiation we have done many, many other things among them retreats in India, which after the 2nd we started to hold meditation/ deeksha evenings at our place after arriving back in the Netherlands.
For years we welcomed 40-45 people into our  livingroom, twice a month, to exchange deekshas (universal / divine energy transfer through the head) after a joint meditation, all this to make the Kundalini fire burn more. We also organized 2-day Energie-Power-Workshops  from 9 to 10 twice a year also for this purpose.

Edwin has had a big bruise on his lower back for 2-3 years and pain in his lower-back. During the deekshas (energy transfer) I felt the kundalini, crawling slowly up my back like hot lava, making my back bend over in pain. People moved with their head or their body was shaking like crazy during kundalini meditation, people also came in bliss and ecstasy (not me) … a lot happened to everyone for a number of years.
After 2012 we indeed experienced a shift. Slowly but surely everything became a lot quieter, softer universal energies were freed and new developments came, among them the  Era of Enlightenment -Generator -Pendants and -systems.
We still continue to have meditation-evenings about 1x in six wks. Nowadays in the immediate vicinity of the very powerful and loving energy of the EoE generator (2 by 2 m). Ego-layers, even the more subtle ones, dissolve more easily. We gather with 20 – 25 persons and also new people in Spirituality find their way to us.
No more extreme wild movements, heavy suffering and crying and even deeper suffering .. Living our lives of course we are still going through stuff, but with so much more ease…. everything feels softer and more loving … how, does it get even better than this ..? and what else is possible in this beautiful time ..?


Who Am I, Litsa
 A person who for years on the search what life really is about, who still works a lot with energies and a person who has been deep in “spiritual suffering” and really didn’t understand anything of this world. And for whom life was a big Roller-Coaster.
THESE EGO-LAYERS have now been resolved by the Kudalini energy along with MANY others of pain, sadness, despair etc. I will never forget how it was explained during a retreat in India that ‘the seeker’ was nothing more but one of the many ego layers that ALSO wanted to survive… and would therefore NEVER find: THE moment I realized THAT this ego layer disappeared within a few seconds and the search stopped for me on the spot! What a space suddenly ..
About Edwin 
To my fantastic genius husband & researcher, I have said from the very beginning that we met: “you are born for great things, only you don’t know it yet”.

From the research Edwin did concerning the interrelationship between Higher Science (energy) and Spirituality, Ego (energy), together with the reading of many books, longer pilgrimages to India, various energetic workshops, shamanic ceremonies etc. the Era of Enlightenment generator and products were originated in after years. This process cannot be described in a few words, because then I would .

After all this years his motto is still: Combined the Best out of Both Worlds and do not accept anything without investigating it yourself.
Together with lots of reading, longer pilgrimages to India, various energetic workshops, shamanic ceremonies, deep meditations, the Era of Enlightenment generator and products were originated in the cource of the years. 
You can read more about this at: www.kundalini-tools.nl or www.satsang-maarssen.nl