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Need Something More Custom You Dream It, We’ll Build it 
If you fancy your own VIP EoE System, tailored to your process Special Needs, please contact me to make an appointment for a Skype-meeting so we can have a nice talk, I can get to know you and see how I can help. Below you can view personalized systems we have sold.

The Green Apatite sphere’s in this system connect the Heart (4th-), throat (5th-) and third Eye (6th- Chakra). It’s a stone of healing, balance, relaxation and revitalization like you can find in Nature. 

We find it a Fantastic stone to be merged with the awakening energies, because a good quality of Apatite has already a very strong energy by itself.
The Green one’s also help to connect with the electro-magnetic fields of the planet and to establish a connection from one’s Heart with the Heart of the earth.Charged on the EoE-generator they turn into one if not the most Powerful tools for the awakening-process.
The beautiful Red Garnets are a lovely Gift of Mother Earth. They emanate the inspiring energies of prosperity, attraction and abundance on all levels. Helps one to manifest creative imagination in the physical World.
It is a strong Grounding-stone, allowing one to be able to receive  the pleasures of the earthly life.
The Garnet works on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra, combined with the Green Apatite working on the 4th, 5th and 6th chakra make an Amazing EoE system together. Price indication of this 58 x 58 cm system € 4.200.

This colourful EoE-System gives A Very Very strong Focus on the Flowering of the Heart, cause of the Apatite Spheres.

In this setting even the Amethysts are gently pushing the mind to the Hearts-area. 

The Labradorite takes care of Grounding & a smooth process. Price indication of this 30 x 30 cm system € 957.

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