Apatite sphere 1,4 kg on 20x20cm labradorite [apa29]


Apatite sphere

  • Weight: 1,4 kg


The Apatite Systems charged with the EoE awakening energies are amazing Self-Empowering Stones. They uplift the spirits, inspire and speed up your proces in the most powerful way possible. 

They Connect you with your Higher- Self, your Inner- Heart Knowledge, and work in harmony on your soul-patterns and karmic influences on multiple levels of consciousness.

In time Many ‘Aha moments’ of understanding can occur cause of the Psychic activation. (3rd eye)


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The ERA of ENLIGHTENMENT SYSTEMS energized mineral spheres, are placed on an energized Labradorite plate of 20x20x3cm with the graphic drawing of the Flower of Life which includes the Rainbow-body energy.

The Labradorite is necessary for Grounding, to keep your both feet on the ground, so the body is able to proces the High Awakening-Energies flowing through it with great ease and floating in the head is avoided.


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