Self Empowering system – Apatite


Apatite sphere

  • Weight: 2,4 kg
  • 20x20cm labradorite plate
The energized Green EoE Apatite system has very similar properties like the energized Blue EoE Apatite system. Both give you acces to Heart Knowledge.
As the Blue Apatite is working on the mental body and enhancing clarity, instant understanding as wel as psychic ability, one can say the emphasis of the  Green EoE Apatite system lies more on the Healing of Hurt Heart-feelings as wel as emotional patterns from relationships and enables you to discontinue negative communication habits with loved ones. Also it can help you to feel true abundance for life, breath and love, by connecting your Heart with the Heart of mother Earth
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The ERA of ENLIGHTENMENT SYSTEMS energized mineral spheres, are placed on an energized Labradorite plate of 20x20x3cm with the graphic drawing of the Flower of Life which includes the Rainbow-body energy.

The Labradorite is necessary for Grounding, to keep your both feet on the ground, so the body is able to proces the High Awakening-Energies flowing through it with great ease and floating in the head is avoided.


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