Let Go of the Past – Beryl


Beryl sphere

  • Weight: 0,9 kg
  • 20x20cm labradorite plate

The EoE-Beryl system carrying the EoE-Awakening energies is an excellent system to help you with it’s gentle vibrations to let go of your old unwanted emotional stuff so that all this will no longer affect your present or your future.

As the EoE-Beryl system activates your Awakening-process and will bring an acceleration of constant change, Beryl will make you more adaptable to your ever-changing circumstances of the Awakening-proces and give you the presence of mind to make the best decisions and to live a life without stress. You will be able to stay positive, even when surrounded by people with negative vibrations.
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The ERA of ENLIGHTENMENT SYSTEMS energized mineral spheres, are placed on an energized Labradorite plate of 20x20x3cm with the graphic drawing of the Flower of Life which includes the Rainbow-body energy.

The Labradorite is necessary for Grounding, to keep your both feet on the ground, so the body is able to proces the High Awakening-Energies flowing through it with great ease and floating in the head is avoided.


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