EoE – Buddha Touch gold


The EoE Buddha Touch is a rare type of Apatite, saamite in magnetite from the kola mines in Russia, that can hardly be found anymore. We are therefore delighted to have a few of them in our possession. Apatite is the substance which can hold the full potential of the EoE-Awakening energies.

In addition to turn this energies ON, the emphasis of this stone is the gentle loving touch of the heart. Suddenly you feel a lot of space in your heart region, which creates a kind of softness and peace around the body. 

We get back from people the experience: ‘as if the Universe takes your stress away’ or ‘it feels like loads of negativity is disappearing into a black hole.’

The necklace is not included. Excluding shipping costs.

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The Spheres spreads the energy evenly in all directions connecting our bodies with all awakening-energies of the universe in a nice gentle way. 
As with all the EoE crystals, the EoE energy calms the mind, opens the heart and activates life within.


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