Ego Killer – Golden healer


Golden healer sphere

  • Weight: 3,3 kg
  • 30x30cm labradorite plate


One of Our Finest Specials!

The EoE-system with the Golden Healer Sphere 
ensures that the“personal” will, also called the ego,aligns with the divine. So the mind Bows for- and starts to be at Service of the Heart.
It is a powerful healing crystal as it connects and balances the chakras and allows the golden light of the highest vibrations of the EoE Universal Awakening Energies to flow into the body, spreading its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing.
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The ERA of ENLIGHTENMENT SYSTEMS energized mineral spheres, are placed on an energized Labradorite plate of 30x30x3cm with the graphic drawing of the Flower of Life which includes the Rainbow-body energy.

The Labradorite is necessary for Grounding, to keep your both feet on the ground, so the body is able to proces the High Awakening-Energies flowing through it with great ease and floating in the head is avoided.



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