Extremely Powerful Heart Healer – Nephrite


Nephrite sphere [jade]

  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • 20x20cm labradorite plate
The EoE – High quality Green Nephrite system is an extremely powerful Heart healer. Carrying the EoE-Awakening energies it is next to the Apatite one of the most powerful systems for the Flowering of the Heart, what the Awakening-process is all about. 
This stone represents the flow of Divine energie into the realm of matter and the never ending well of abundance that is the universe. The same abundance existing in our Inner Heart and accessible for us if awaken. 
Balancing male and female energies in one, it’s revitalizing energy helps us to speed up healing, and
assists in learning to enjoy physical life. It reminds one to smell the flowers, touch someone you love, and share your abundant happy heart with others. 


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The ERA of ENLIGHTENMENT SYSTEMS energized mineral spheres, are placed on an energized Labradorite plate of 20x20x3cm with the graphic drawing of the Flower of Life which includes the Rainbow-body energy.

The Labradorite is necessary for Grounding, to keep your both feet on the ground, so the body is able to proces the High Awakening-Energies flowing through it with great ease and floating in the head is avoided.


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